Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Machine Shop in Puerto Rico

Hi Everyone: While I was looking for information regarding High Precision Machine Shops able to manufacture with a "Made in the USA" Tag. I have found one here in Puerto Rico
From his web page I took this information, hopping it will help You with your manufacturing needs!
From the Desk of Rama y Ananda, now featuring Machine Shop Reviews!
Gore Enterprises Inc.

We are a metal manufacturing and services provider to our customers in all varieties of the industry. Our mission is to achieve a reputation for providing exceptional product quality and responsive service at a competitive cost. Continuously striving to exceed our customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction by fostering a culture of continuous improvements.

What We Do

The services that we offer that include but are not limited to the electronics industry , metal fabrication, medical devices , mechanical design with PL controls. Also we have equipment and experience to fabricate aluminum doors.

We also have two SMT lines including a wave solder machine and board routers. We also can repair BGA and any TH and SMT components.


With over 28 years of experience serving OEM'S needs, we at Gore Enterprises provide competitive advantage to our customers by supplying high quality products at competitive rates. This is achievable by maintaining high product quality with lower production cost and on time delivery.

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